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Marketing Your Rewards Program

Congratulations! You’ve taken a big step in the right direction by implementing an incentive rewards program. To make it successful, you need to generate interest and engage your customers. Engagement starts with spreading awareness of your rewards program and its benefits. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to get the word out.

Send monthly eComms (e-mail communications) to your contacts. The best eComm’s are visual and to the point. Each one should have a theme: seasonal, new merchandise, contests, etc. Include calls to action in each subject line like “Check your point balance!” or hooks like “New Merchandise!” to engage your audience. ALWAYS add links pointing back to your program’s website.

These follow all of the same rules as eComms, but they contain more detailed company news and information about your rewards program. For best results, send newsletters quarterly.

Social Media
Promote your new rewards program on social media, but don’t go overboard. Remind everyone that you have a program a few times a week, sharing news about contests, ways to earn points and featured reward merchandise. Keep the rest of your posts conversational and general to encourage engagement. Create a social media calendar to help you plan and prepare posts in advance.

Don’t turn finding details about your incentive program into a scavenger hunt. (Unless it’s part of your marketing plan, of course!) Include a link on the sidebar or menu—or even in the About section.

Direct Mail
Although direct mail isn’t as popular as it was, it’s an effective marketing strategy. Many participants ignore eComms and hide companies from their Facebook newsfeeds. The best way to reach these folks is with a shiny, colorful postcard that can’t be ignored!

Marketing Collateral
Promote your program with postcards, brochures, tent cards and posters. Retailers should display these items throughout their stores. Another option is to insert postcards or flyers into customers’ shopping bags.

Depending on your budget, you can advertise with Facebook ads, billboards and television. A nationwide television commercial is expensive, but maybe that budget-friendly Facebook ad will get you more likes and followers. Test different strategies to find the most effective means for directing traffic to your website and enrolling new participants.

Promotional Products
You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Promotional items are a crucial part of any marketing effort. Branded products like t-shirts, calendars and stress balls last longer than commercials and Facebook ads. We carry thousands of different promotional products to help you create targeted, meaningful campaigns.

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