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Include Promo Products in Company Rewards Programs

Motivate. Encourage. Recognize.

Those are three pretty powerful words in the business world, ones that many companies would like to address without spending a big part of their budget. Include logoed promotional products in your loyalty rewards program, and you'll be on the right track toward creating a positive, productive work environment. Read on for three ways to use promotional products and rewards programs in you business.

Motivate sales force
While most sales reps seem to be born to sell, they can still use a little push every once in a while to reach their full selling potential. Try offering a large prize for the biggest seller of the year, such as a trip or high-dollar value item, along with additional prizes for the runner ups. Keep reps motivated throughout the promotion with teaser gifts for smaller accomplishments, like custom beach towelsif the final prize is a trip to Hawaii or custom binoculars to promote other sight-seeing trips.

Encourage personal accomplishments
Helping employees succeed in areas other than job performance can go a long way toward improving their productivity and overall morale. Implement a workplace safety program to educate employees and encourage best practices, or start a corporate wellness program to help employees stay happy and healthy.

Logoed Safety Items: flashlights, first aid kits, roadside safety kit

Corporate Wellness Gifts: pedometers, hand sanitizer, sunscreen

Recognize Outstanding Performance
Helping employees reach their goals is important, but so is what you do to recognize their accomplishments. Creating a standard recognition program sets expectations for employees and gives them a clear goal to work toward. Incorporate custom plaques, awards and trophies in your employee rewards program to show employees how much they mean to your business and its success.

However you choose to motivate, encourage or recognize your employees, include promotional products for a successful, cost-effective rewards program. Visit our rewards and awards category for a variety of reward options, or browse our recognition bestsellers below:

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