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Luck of the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Promotions

The most common way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the USA is partying. From dyeing the river green in Chicago to parades, pubs and more, people are spending March 17 partying. While partying is a fun part of St. Patty’s Day, there are several other ways to commemorate this Irish holiday.

The Irish have been through many hardships including large scale famines, wars and religious and political strife. But, through hard work and with a positive attitude, the Irish have managed to change their luck. So can you!

This year, on St. Patrick’s Day, bring the luck of the Irish to your brand with these 3 tips.

  1. Give away green goodies. Promotional products are proven to be both cost-effective and useful when it comes to spreading your brand’s marketing message. Leverage their promotional power on this green-themed holiday. Put your logo on green items like pens, T-Shirts, hats and water bottles, and give them out to customers who shop with you, visitors stopping by your booth and parade goers. Customized green giveaways will generate multiple impressions for your business.

  2. Wear green to work. If this holiday falls on a weekday, partying may not be a viable option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit. Swap out formal suits for business casual—as long as it’s green! Consider ordering green polo shirts or button downs customized with your logo for employees to wear.

  3. Interact on social media. Your brand has something unique to offer customers. If you post on St. Patrick’s Day, try to keep your audience in mind. Can you solve a problem they didn’t know they had? Can you inject humor and wit into your post? Do you have any fun photos that can be easily shared? Whatever you post on social media should be timely and relevant. Watch for when people are talking about St. Patrick’s Day and join the conversation.

An Irish proverb says, “You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” Seize every business opportunity, and if you feel like your luck is running out, create your own with hard work and a positive attitude.

And, if you need some green promo products to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, shop the wide selection of giveaways and apparel available at Staples Promotional Products.

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