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Thanksgiving: Using Promo to Show Appreciation

Thanksgiving is a great time to show gratitude to the people your company depends on every day – employees and customers.

Celebrate family

A big focus for many on Thanksgiving is spending time with loved ones. The Thanksgiving meal brings everyone together around the table to enjoy food and laughter. Let your customers know that you value that time. Make your brand part of the family with personalized gifts. Consider giving your loyal customers gifts like custom carving sets, silicone basting brushes or aprons to be a part of someone’s holiday meal without overwhelming them with a surprise turkey. Your brand will be an integral part of this family-oriented holiday for years to come.

Feast together

Sharing a meal together is a signature of Thanksgiving celebrations. Though your employees are not necessarily your blood relatives, they are like family. They help nurture the success of your company, and they support each other when going through hard times. Show your appreciation for their hard work by having a company Thanksgiving meal together—and go all out! Decorate with balloons, cornucopias, pumpkins and turkeys. Add your logo and a “Happy Thanksgiving” message to paper napkins and single-use cups to use at your meal. Pass out turkey-shaped stress relievers for a fun gift that will prepare associates for the potential holiday rush stress.

There are many ways to celebrate the season of gratitude, but the central theme revolves around appreciating people and being together. At Staples Promotional Products, we understand the value of thanking your customers and employees. Let us help you find the custom gifts and items you need to make your Thanksgiving celebration special.

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