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How Your Brand Can Show the Love on Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day holiday may be most associated with the passion that exists between romantic couples, but it can also be a time for businesses to show the love.

You don’t have to sell jewelry or chocolates to have a successful Valentine’s Day campaign. In fact, even B2B organizations can get traction with the right approach to marketing around February 14.

Here are some Valentine’s Day marketing ideas any business can use:

  1. Show the love to all of your customers – and court new ones. No matter what products or services your company specializes in, your customer base will appreciate a discount. Hold a special sale during the Valentine’s Day season. You can also use this time to target a promotion to your future customers. Get their attention with a special discount code or small gift. This will help them make the choice to commit to your brand!

  2. Show big love to your best customers. It’s always a good idea to reward your most loyal customers. Send them a special gift during this time of year. A box of chocolates imprinted with your brand is a great idea.

  3. Invite your customers to show their love for your brand. Use social media to get your brand fans talking about what they love most about your products and services. Invite them to submit their answer via a registration form in exchange for a chance to win.

  4. Show the world that your brand has a big heart. Valentine’s Day is a great time to get behind a favorite cause. Partner with a local non-profit organization for a special campaign. Sponsor an event. Get your employees involved in raising funds and awareness. You can also engage your customers through a special event or by taking donations for the non-profit at your point of purchase. You could even reward donations with a special promotional gift.

  5. Show the love to your staff. Don’t forget to show appreciation to the people who keep your business running smoothly. Throw a good, old-fashioned Valentine’s party for your associates, complete with logoed decorations. Don’t forget the valentine cards. On the morning of Valentine’s Day, make sure there’s a gift from your company and a signed note at each employee’s work station.

These are just a few ways that your brand can foster an atmosphere of ardor and appreciation around Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for promotional products to help set the mood, let Staples Promotional Products be cupid. We offer a wide array of options, suitable for any industry, that can be customized with your logo and message.

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