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5 Tips to Improve Heart Health

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu posited that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Anyone who is on the path to better health and fitness can attest to this: Overall wellness is a journey; everyone has to start somewhere.

February is American Heart Month, but promoting healthy heart habits can happen all year long. Every brand can find ways to stand behind heart health and disease prevention. Here are five tips to get you and your crew started on the road to better heart health.

  1. Be active. Spend at least 30 minutes doing some form of exercise every day. Remember, both cardio and strength-training activities will strengthen the heart!

  2. Eat well. Skip the fad diets and go for the well-balanced meals. Fill your plate with foods like fresh fruits and veggies, fish and nuts. Remember to limit your salt and fat intake to help avoid high cholesterol and blood pressure. A healthy diet often leads to weight loss, too.

  3. Quit smoking. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do, talk with a doctor to find ways to quit. Smoking cigarettes increases risk for various heart problems and disease.

  4. Monitor your numbers. Keep a close eye on your weight, your blood pressure and your cholesterol. When these numbers are in healthy ranges, your body has a reduced risk of heart disease.

  5. Reduce stress. Stress takes a toll on your heart. Find positive and relaxing outlets to help you relieve day-to-day stress. Laughing, enjoying favorite pastimes and spending time with loved ones are all great ways to manage your stress levels. Exercise such as walking or yoga can also push much-needed endorphins throughout your body to help you de-stress.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you aren’t seeing desired results immediately or to feel like a lost cause after a bad day or two. Try to stay positive. Gather a support group of family, friends or co-workers to encourage you along the way. And, reward yourself for making better choices.

During the month of February, pick four lifestyle changes you and your support group can make—one for each week. For company-wide initiatives, consider investing in promotional wellness incentives to reward milestone successes. For brands looking to support their customers and clients, choose wellness giveaways that serve as heart-health reminders and brand reminders. Staples Promotional Products can help you find the right mix of health and wellness products to start you and your crew off on the right foot for your path to better heart health.

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