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Paper Calendars Are Here to Stay

We live in a digital world with multiple high tech devices at our fingertips. Most of us use digital calendars and scheduling tools daily to block time and recall upcoming events. But there's still something to be said for having a good old fashioned wall or desk calendar to keep track of the days. A digital calendar can never replace the visual appeal of a paper calendar that clearly displays the months and days. Paper calendars don't fail when batteries run out or the internet crashes. Paper calendars can't be hacked. Paper calendars are decorative.

These are just a handful of the reasons why they'll never be completely replaced by digital substitutes. Most people prefer to use paper calendars, either exclusively or in conjunction with digital ones. Promotional calendars are no different. According to the most recent Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, over 29% of U.S. consumers own promotional calendars. And 76% of those who own them display them prominently in their homes or offices.

If that’s not reason enough to invest in personalized calendars for your business, here are 5 more reasons to give out promotional calendars every year.

  1. Calendars have year-long lifespans.
    Custom calendars are kept for an average of nine months, compared to most other promotional items with a seven month average lifespan. Recipients are more likely to keep a calendar, especially if they are expecting to receive one each year from your brand. With 365 days or 12 months of promo potential, you're sure to garner thousands of impressions!

  2. Calendars are affordable and cost-effective.
    Depending on the functionality of the calendar you choose, the price of customized calendars ranges just a few cents to under $10. Considering the number of times it is seen or used daily, the cost per impression is just a fraction of the up.

  3. Calendars are useful.
    When considering the best promotional gifts, it's important to think about what people need the most. Paper calendars are always a go-to item. Everyone needs to remember dates and times in order to stay organized. Giving out free calendars with your company name and logo will get you noticed every time a recipient checks it.

  4. Calendars come in all colors, shapes and styles.
    Desk calendars, novelty calendars, wall calendars, day planners...There are so many calendar styles to choose from that you're sure to find one that dovetails with your marketing needs. Consider your audience. Young professionals with limited workspace can use desk calendars or novelty calendars to spruce up their cubicles. Are you appealing to execs or managers who run from meeting to meeting and seem a little overwhelmed? Offer a day planners with plenty of room to take notes. And if you're appealing to businesses, give them gorgeous, scenic wall calendars that they can proudly display in their offices or waiting rooms.

  5. Calendars are versatile.
    Anyone and everyone can use a calendar anywhere and everywhere. They can be hung in the lobby of your business, set on a desk or nightstand or stashed in a purse or briefcase. It’s easy to find the right calendar for your unique advertising initiatives.

Investing in promotional calendars is a smart choice for marketing your brand. At the end of each year, offer free calendars to customers, employees and anyone you meet to ensure that your company gets attention for the next twelve months. Staples Promotional Products has a wide variety of customizable calendars at the best prices to help you promote your brand.

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