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Building Business Relationships on the Green

Golf can be a great avenue for building business relationships. It’s a famously business-friendly sport that has inspired countless friendships, partnerships, and handshake agreements. For the typical business owner, golf presents valuable opportunities for networking in a relaxed, enjoyable setting outside the office. Further, golf is a popular pastime that appeals to people of all ages, even those who don’t typically consider themselves athletic.

Custom Golf Gear
Is golf a part of your business culture? Playing and attending golfing events is a must, but you can’t possibly attend them all. That’s why you need your brand to be your ambassador when you’re not there. Customized golf gear is the answer. Here’s why:

  1. Useful, quality gifts make people feel good—especially when they appeal to a favorite activity.
  2. Branded gear shows that your company identifies with and participates in business culture.
  3. Clients will associate your brand with having fun and performing well.
  4. Tastefully branded gear keeps your logo front and center, making an impact on your target audience.

Golf Apparel
There are many great options for golf apparel giveaways. Golf shirts come in a variety of styles and colors, and there are many women’s sizes available. These high quality shirts strongly associate your business with in-demand brand names like Nike Golf ®, OGIO®, and adidas®. Golf shoes are another option. A specialized gift like footwear illustrates your commitment to giving unparalleled attention to detail. You’ll show potential clients that your brand is the perfect fit.

Golf Accessories
Accessories are most welcome on the green. Sunny days call for hats and umbrellas. You can select brand name hats, many with desirable features like breathable fabric and moisture-wicking properties. The better your promotional products suit a given situation, the more likely they are to be worn. Gloves are another great option—one that many of your associates will appreciate. These have a top-notch design that communicates stylish branding sense and peak performance.

Golf Essentials
You can never go wrong with essentials of the sport. Golf clubs, golf ball packs, and ball markers are great promo gifts, especially when given as a set. Choose from a selection of first-rate irons that help your associates go the distance. Nothing makes a good impression like improving someone’s game.

Golf Bags
Bags are high-performing promotional products. They garner the most brand impressions—an average of over five thousand per bag! Golf bags and totes are no exception. Recipients will use these durable, well-designed bags for years. They are extremely practical gifts that communicate your company’s supportive role and its ability to anticipate customers’ needs.

There are many more golfing promo products to choose from, each with unique branding potential. Check out all the golf accessories on our site and be amazed. Happy golfing!

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