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Camouflage: Find Hidden Brand Potential

Choosing to promote with camouflage products can help your brand connect with a large audience – probably larger than you realize. But there’s more to camo marketing than meets the eye.

A Practical Use

Camouflage is designed to help confuse the visual senses, to make one blend in with the surroundings. Or more simply, camo is a disguise. The patterns and designs used make camo a practical tool for military personnel, hunters and target shooters. When choosing a pattern, it’s important to think about your surroundings. Will you be sitting in a tree? Or, will you be moving through various landscapes?

Incorporating practical camouflage designs into your marketing campaign is a great way to reach a vast number of hunters and other outdoorsy people.

Mainstream Appeal

It’s not surprising that camo products are popular with hunters, sports shooters and other outdoorsy types. But, the visual patterns created to help some people blend in can also be used to help others – and your brand – stand out.

At the 2013 Magic Market fashion showcases in Las Vegas, trend experts found camouflage everywhere. Big names in retail are adopting the fashion camo trend for a variety of apparel styles, such as tights, vests, blouses and jackets. Making fashion camo stand out is happening in trendy new ways: adding pops of color, such as pink for ladies’ styles or safety orange for outdoor gamers; using bling to add sparkle and glam; mixing textures and fabrics for interest.

If you think all camo looks the same, look again. The designs are intricate and unique to the individual brands that create them. Staples Promotional Products offers the most popular camouflage patterns in the business. From jackets and caps to water bottles and sports towels, we have a variety of products you can use to promote your brand. Let us help you select the most complementary pattern for your promotion or event.

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