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The Mass Appeal of Camo Explained

Camouflage products help your brand connect with a large audience – probably larger than you realize. But there’s more to camo marketing than meets the eye. Camouflage is widely used by outdoorsmen (and women), especially hunters. It was originally designed to help soldiers blend into their surroundings. Later it was adopted for recreation - hunting and target shooting. Camo patterns have become more sophisticated over time. Today's practical camo gear can blend into almost any landscape or environment.

Is your brand rugged or outdoorsy? Do your customers enjoy outdoor pursuits? Incorporating camouflage products into your marketing campaign helps you target your audience. It's especially popular during hunting season, when many of your customers will be looking for camo gear to take on their excursions.

But camo isn't just for rugged outdoor pursuits. In addition to its practical use, camo has become a fashion statement.

It's incredible how much a style designed to blend in can help your brand stand out. At the Magic Market fashion showcases in Las Vegas, trend experts found camouflage everywhere. Big names in retail have adopted the fashion camo trend for a variety of apparel styles, such as tights, vests, blouses, and even high heels. There are lots of fashionable new twists on camo that include pops of color - usually pink or safety orange. Some fashion camo includes a little bling, and other varieties are incorporated into unusual textiles. For the enterprising business owner, this means that camo products can be used to reach an even wider audience.

Want to leverage the camo trend? Staples Promotional Products offers the most popular camouflage patterns in the business. From jackets and caps to water bottles and sports towels, we have a variety of products you can use to promote your brand.

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